Online Bankruptcy Services for UK Citizens Abroad

Free no-obligation individual assessment


The first stage of our service is a free, no obligation analysis of your situation. Once we have a clear and in depth understanding of your current position, we will discuss whether we consider that Bankruptcy is the best course of action for you to take. We are also able to discuss and explain other options such as IVA’s, Debt Management and Debt Relief Orders.

Our experienced advisors are conversant with the latest Insolvency Laws in relation to Overseas Bankruptcy. We will discuss and explain how your case would be handled and also any effects that the Bankruptcy may possibly have upon you.

If it is decided that Bankruptcy is your best option you can rest assured that you are in good hands. We have dealt with overseas bankruptcy since 2009 and have handled hundreds of cases all over the world.

We ensure that customers are treated fairly. This means that our service is detailed and explained to you in writing in a clear and straightforward manner. There are no hidden costs or charges and the fees that we charge are shown on your individual client letter.

There is no obligation or pressure to use our Company of the services that we provide, however we have years of experience in dealing with overseas bankruptcy cases and feel that we provide a high quality service to our clients.

Dealing with UK creditors, debt collectors and mortgage companies

Do you find yourself in a situation where your UK creditors or debt collectors are contacting and harassing friends and family as this is the last address that they were given when you moved  overseas?

This is a very common problem and as soon as there are missed payments the people that are close to you tend to receive the brunt of the debt collection pressure. Even if you have given your creditors an overseas address, in many cases the creditors systems cannot note this and everything reverts back to the last UK address on file.

For this reason it can be very useful to have an authorised agent based in the UK to deal with your creditors and debt collectors. There is debt collection guidance in place that relates to how and when debt collection practices should operate. We see many situations where creditors and debt collectors ignore these rules and we are happy to step in and point out what should and should not be done in these situations.

It can be very hard to contact companies from abroad especially if they operate 0844 numbers and you live in a different time-zone.

Let us take the pressure for you; we will contact everyone involved in your situation and inform them that we are acting on your behalf. If you are going to file bankruptcy we will let your creditors know of the proposed Insolvency and in many cases the debt collection will be placed on hold.

We can keep both the creditors and you updated and this process also helps to clarify debt amounts and who is handling the debt recovery. Once the bankruptcy has been approved we will immediately update the creditors at which point the debts can no longer be pursued.

UK property hand-back and repossession services

If you have moved abroad you may have left a property in the UK. This may be tenanted or vacant while it is marketed, but in many cases the UK property can become a problem if you are living abroad.

Issues with tenants, property repairs, mortgage payment increases and negative equity can begin to drag you down if you live abroad. Many cases that we deal with involve the owner having to top-up the rental income with extra money to meet the mortgage payments

Our property services have helped many past clients to deal with their property issues. It may be that you need to sell or return the property to the mortgage company or that you are being threatened with repossession.

In these types of cases we can help to hand the property back to the mortgage company and this can be combined with a full bankruptcy and support service. Handing the property back is a better course of action to take then to allow the mortgage company to take the route of repossession, thus incurring more costs. Once the property is back in the possession of the mortgage company it will be disposed of and any shortfall can be incorporated into the bankruptcy. This leaves you with a “clean slate” with regard to your affairs in the UK.

Living overseas with assets left in the UK?


In many cases that we deal with, people still have assets in the UK such as property, vehicles or investments. If you are in a

situation where you need help with assets in the UK and you live abroad we will try to assist you with a tailor made service designed to help you in your particular situation.

This may be a solution if you have debts in the UK that you are struggling with and we can act as your authorised representative to make this process as easy as possible.

Raising and submission of the Bankruptcy Petition

approved-stampAs a Company we have vast experience of preparing bankruptcy applications. We have handled hundreds of cases through the High Court of London and this process demanded a very high quality of paperwork preparation.

Any mistake in relation to the paperwork would lead to a query from a Registrar or the bankruptcy application could be refused or dismissed. For this reason a very detailed procedure was developed over the past seven years with a high emphasis on the quality of paperwork that we produced.

This paperwork would then have to be sent overseas to the clients for signing and witnessing and once it was received back in the UK we would deal with the High Court and present the bankruptcy.

From the 6th of April 2016 the UK bankruptcy system changed and the Court process is no longer in place. The bankruptcy paperwork has now become an online application with a bankruptcy Adjudicator deciding if the bankruptcy application is to be approved.

Our service will deal with all of the preparation and submission of the bankruptcy application on your behalf while also explaining and clarifying how this system works in relation to your individual situation..

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