Online bankruptcy service in England from Indonesia, Asia

If you are living in Indonesia and have outstanding debts in England, filing bankruptcy from abroad may be an option for you.

You do not need to be a UK Citizen to do this-you may have just lived in England or Wales for a while and then moved to Indonesia. Depending on the level of debts you have and your current circumstances filing bankruptcy from abroad may be your best solution.

Our assisted bankruptcy service for ex-pats living in Indonesia is handled from our base in England. We will prepare all of your bankruptcy paperwork and present this to the High Court on your behalf acting under power of attorney.

When you use an assisted bankruptcy service you must check to make sure the company is licensed and reputable. We act under a consumer credit licence that has been issued by the Office of Fair Trading in England. This allows us to deal with bankruptcy and debt solutions and confirms that we are registered and authorised.

For further advice on how to deal with your UK debts while living in Indonesia please contact our company by using our short enquiry form.