Declare English Bankruptcy from Iraq in Asia

Bankruptcy from Abroad offers worldwide coverage that includes Iraq in Asia. If you have moved to Iraq or work in the armed forces or security services you may wish to consider using bankruptcy to deal with any debts you have in the UK.

Filing for bankruptcy from abroad can be quite involved and by using our assisted bankruptcy service we can take care of all of the work on your behalf.

Bankruptcies are dealt with through the High Court of London if you live overseas. If you cannot appear in person you are able to authorise someone to act as your attorney-a system that we are very used to using.

Your bankruptcy paperwork must be 100% accurate for the High Court to accept it and our company specialises in this type of complex overseas bankruptcy case.

Contact us for further advice and we will provide you with free and confidential help and clarify your options on how you can deal with your debts.