Declare Bankruptcy in England from Israel, Asia

If you have lived in England and now moved to Israel you could be struggling to pay old debts from the UK.

Bankruptcy from Abroad covers Israel and Asia and as such we can offer a fully assisted bankruptcy service to people that have moved from England or Wales in the last three years. You do not need to be a UK Citizen to use this process and you can remain in Israel while this process is administered on your behalf.

A United Kingdom bankruptcy from Israel will be dealt with through the High Court of London. We have a 100% success rate with bankruptcy submission and are also proud to say that we will not advise bankruptcy if there is a better solution for the client.

Filing bankruptcy from abroad can deal with most UK debts and you are bankrupt in England, not Israel the Country that you reside in.

Our bankruptcy service from overseas provides full support both before and after the bankruptcy itself. For confidential advice please use our short enquiry form and an advisor will be in contact to discuss your circumstances.