Declare Bankruptcy in England from North Korea, Asia

Bankruptcy from Abroad offer worldwide coverage for people living overseas with debts in the UK. If you are living in North Korea, or any part of Asia and need to go bankrupt in England we can help.

Our assisted bankruptcy service for ex-pats and people that have lived or worked in England and Wales, allows you to file for bankruptcy in England without returning from North Korea to the UK.

Our specialist foreign bankruptcy service from North Korea will deal with the process from start to finish, and includes full preparation of the bankruptcy documents and presentation of the bankruptcy to the High Court of London under power of attorney.

Filing a British bankruptcy from North Korea is complex and needs to be handled correctly for the bankruptcy to be approved. For further advice and help in declaring English bankruptcy from North Korea please contact our company by using our short enquiry form.


Online English Bankruptcy Services from North Korea

If you need to declare bankruptcy in England while living abroad in North Korea, Asia we can help. You need to have lived in England or Wales before moving overseas, and you have three years in which to apply for bankruptcy. If you have lived overseas in excess of three years we can still assist you however, you would need to appear in person at the High Court of London.

For information on how to declare bankruptcy in England, while living in North Korea, just complete our short enquiry form and an experienced advisor will contact you to discuss your situation.

We do not pressure anybody to make a decision, and our initial consultation and advice is totally free of charge and without any obligation. We will also consider and explain any other options that you may have in relation to dealing with your UK debts whilst living in North Korea.

Take positive action now! Your debts will not magically disappear and filing for bankruptcy in England while living in North Korea will not normally affect you abroad. It could be your best option so contact our company now.