Declare Bankruptcy in England from Russia, Asia

Russia or the Russian Federation is the largest Country in the World. If you have moved to Russia to live or work and have debts in England that you can no longer maintain, bankruptcy from aboard may be an option for you.

You are able to file bankruptcy from Russia without returning to England by using our overseas assisted bankruptcy service. Most debts can be included in an English Bankruptcy from Russia so if you live abroad and are considering this option contact our company by using our short enquiry form.

An experienced advisor will contact you on a no obligation basis to check if this is your best option. If so, we can help you through this process while you remain in Russia. The bankruptcy will last for twelve months in England and you are not normally affected in your overseas Country.


Online English Bankruptcy Services from Russia

Our foreign bankruptcy service covers all required work including the completion of the bankruptcy petition and raising power of attorney forms. We will present the bankruptcy to the High Court of London while you are in Russia and after the bankruptcy has been approved the Insolvency service will normally contact you by email to discuss your circumstances.

To go bankrupt in England while living in Russia, Asia contact our company now.