A Brief History – Declaring UK Bankruptcy from Australia

In 1924 Sir Richard Linton created one of the first migration programmes to Australia. This was known as the “Big Brother” movement and opened the lands of Australia to young English workers that were looking for a new life overseas. Under this scheme just over 12,000 hopeful young people entered into Australia to start a new life overseas.

Just after the Second World War, between 1945 and 1972, over a million migrants settled in Australia under a similar scheme created by the Australian Government. The large influx of British subjects were known as the “Ten Pound Pom’s” as the cost of the fare from England was set at just £10 per person!

Nowadays the fare to Australia may have increased but the demand for skilled British workers continues to the point where Australia is the most popular Country to emigrate to, with thousands of people heading for a new life down under. Unfortunately a high proportion of these people will also carry some form of UK debts with them. Some people will leave a property in the UK either tenanted or for sale in a flat UK housing market.

We have helped many people living in Australia with UK debts. Most people will settle in these countries with the clear intention of paying these debts off, but various factors can influence this decision and exchange rates together with the cost of living can impact upon these repayment plans.

If you need advice on how to go bankrupt from Australia contact our company. We have helped many clients go bankrupt from Australia with debts in England and our specialist bankruptcy service means that you do not need to return to the UK to do this. Your bankruptcy can be filed in England using our foreign bankruptcy service from Australia.