Does your Australian Bankruptcy Service deal with our UK creditors?

As a company we offer a complete overseas bankruptcy service. This is designed to make the process as smooth as possible when dealing with the paperwork and debts.

In many ways it is best to appoint a representative in England to deal with your UK creditors. This gives the creditors a point of contact and allows them to know what is happening with regards to your situation.

This service also helps to clarify debts that may have either increased in size, or alternatively been passed on or sold to a debt collector. This can be helpful as it is best to clarify what is owed and who controls the debts.

As most creditors know our company they will, in most cases, place the debt collection on hold subject to the bankruptcy proceedings. We will then update the creditors on a regular basis and once the bankruptcy has been approved by the Court we will update them with the bankruptcy details and reference number.

For further information please contact our company and an advisor will be in contact to discuss your situation as soon as possible.