Will going bankrupt in England affect our credit in Australia?

There is no straightforward answer to this question as it depends on many factors. In most cases filing bankruptcy in England won’t affect your credit rating in Australia but the bankruptcy would need to be handled correctly otherwise it can have an impact on Australian credit.

In general when you go bankrupt in England the bankruptcy will be shown on your English credit report for six years. You are not bankrupt in Australia so it would not be placed on your Australian Credit file but cases can “cross over” into the Country that you have moved to..

In some cases a person may have assets abroad and for this reason Australian Creditors may be informed. Also if you have debts in Australia it is possible that these may be included or drawn into the English Bankruptcy. If this happens then there is a possible impact on overseas credit.

As a company we constantly monitor the way that overseas bankruptcies are handled. For this reason you need up to date advice on the current legislation and the way that the English Insolvency Service deal with people living overseas.

We are pleased to say that we have not had any client’s credit affected by filing bankruptcy from Australia with the cases that we have handled, but this is due to the high standard that we work to for our clients.
For further information please contact our company and an advisor will be in contact to discuss your situation as soon as possible.