I live in Canada and have an IVA in England-am I able to file for bankruptcy in England without flying back to the UK?

The good news is that you can still file for bankruptcy in England if you have an IVA and live in Canada. This is as long as you have been living in Canada for less than 3 years and moved from an address in England or Wales.

In general terms the bankruptcy process is slightly more complex when you move from an IVA into Bankruptcy. This is due to the fact that the IVA must be officially in “default” for the bankruptcy to be accepted by the High Court of London.

If you are looking for an overseas bankruptcy service that will deal with both the IVA and bankruptcy while you are living in Canada we are pleased to say that we can assist you. We have helped many people move from their IVA into Bankruptcy while they still remain abroad. Our company will deal with everything necessary to administer the bankruptcy process. We will deal with the IVA Company on your behalf and advise you through every stage of this process.

If you are struggling to pay your IVA while living in Canada please contact our company by completing our short enquiry form. All information is held in confidence and an experienced bankruptcy advisor will be in contact to discuss how this may work for you.