I live in Canada and my property in England has just been repossessed. Would bankruptcy from abroad be my best option?

If you live in Canada and your property in England has been repossessed, filing for bankruptcy in the UK could be a good option for you.

It does depend on many factors with the main factor being the amount of shortfall that may be incurred by the repossession. If you anticipate a large shortfall then bankruptcy may be a good solution. If however, the shortfall amount is low there may be other ways to deal with this situation.

Bankruptcy from Abroad provides a comprehensive service when dealing with property repossession. We are able to act on your behalf and deal with the mortgage company to clarify what sort of shortfall may be incurred in this type of situation.

If you have other debts that are outstanding in England then filing for bankruptcy from Canada would deal with all outstanding liabilities and may be your best option.

In all cases of this type we recommend an informal discussion with an experienced advisor. We will be able to provide advice on how the bankruptcy would work and if there would be any affect on you in Canada.

Please complete our short enquiry form and an advisor will call you in Canada for a brief, no obligation discussion. We look forward to assisting you!