Go bankrupt from Denmark with UK Debts

denmarkIt is possible to file for bankruptcy from Denmark without returning to the UK. If you have debts in England, either secured, unsecured or both, our company can assist you as long as you meet the following criteria.

You must have moved from an address in England or Wales within the last three years.

The Insolvency Law that applies to a person living in a European member state (of which Denmark is) and wanting to file for bankruptcy in England is quite complex.

There is an agreement in place between most member states of the European Union when dealing with bankruptcy in England. In all other member states of Europe you would not be able to file for bankruptcy in this manner-Denmark is an exception to the rule.

If you live in any other member state of Europe you would be directed to file for bankruptcy through that particular Countries Court system. This is due to the EC Regulations concerning Insolvency-something that Denmark has not signed up to.

If you need help with your English debts and live in Denmark please don’t hesitate to email us or complete our short online enquiry form. In all cases that we deal with we offer a free initial consultation which is both free of charge and fully confidential. If bankruptcy is not your best option we will explain why and also advise you of any other solution. There is no obligation to use our services and no high pressure sales system that is applied to a customer making a general enquiry.

File a British Bankruptcy from Denmark in the High Court

When you live in Denmark filing for bankruptcy using power of attorney is not a straightforward process. The bankruptcy must be submitted to either the High Court of London or the London County Court depending on the amount of debt that you owe.

When dealing with the High Court all paperwork must be 100% correct for the Court to accept the bankruptcy. In addition the power of attorney forms must be completed correctly and also paperwork needs to be signed and witnessed. Our specialist service provides a complete overseas bankruptcy assistance package from Denmark and all of the hard work is completed on your behalf. We deal with the bankruptcy paperwork, High Court representation, support while you are bankrupt and can also deal with your creditors and UK Mortgage Company as well. If you have a property in the UK with negative equity we can also assist with this situation and if required the property can be included as part of your bankruptcy.

Many people ask us “does filing for bankruptcy in England affect my credit if I live in Denmark”? The bankruptcy should not affect your credit in Denmark as you are bankrupt in England not in Denmark. In certain situations a Bankruptcy in England can have a knock on effect on a person living overseas. This would be in the case of having assets in that Country but in general situations we do not see any impact on credit, employment, bank accounts and so forth.

Assisted Bankruptcy in a non EU State within Europe

We can help you if you live outside of the European Union but within Europe. If you live in one of the 19 non member states you fall under different laws with regard to Insolvency.

Due to the constantly changing nature of Europe and the associated bankruptcy legislation we recommend contacting our company to discuss your particular situation.

Feel free to speak with one of our advisors or complete our short questionnaire.