Declare bankruptcy in England from Switzerland

switzerland-bankruptcyAre you living in Switzerland but struggling to maintain payments to your creditors in the UK?

If you are considering filing bankruptcy in England you are able to take this option but still remain in Switzerland. Bankruptcy from Abroad has assisted many clients living in Switzerland to file bankruptcy in England, and as long as you moved from an English or Welsh address within the last three years this option is available to you.

The Insolvency Law applicable to filing bankruptcy while living in Europe is quite complex and this process can be almost impossible if you reside in a member state of the European Union. As Switzerland is a non-member state of the European Union a person is allowed to file an English Bankruptcy within three years of moving, and by appointing a person that acts under power of attorney, this avoids the client having to travel back to the UK to file their bankruptcy in person.


File bankruptcy in England from Switzerland

Switzerland has a generally higher cost of living than the UK, and for this reason many people may struggle to keep their payments up to date with regards to their English debts.

Bankruptcy from Abroad deals with people Worldwide, and as such we find that no two situations are exactly the same. If you are living in Switzerland and want to consider your options in relation to English debts contact our company by using our short enquiry form.

We offer confidential advice to clients and there is no obligation to use our services after the initial consultation. Our advisors will explain your options in a clear and concise manner, and all information is held confidentially under UK data protection law.


Do you live in Switzerland but own a UK property in negative equity?

Due to the crash in property value many people that move overseas still have a property in England. If it is negative equity and cannot be sold then the property may be empty or tenanted.

We have dealt with many cases where a tenanted property has been included within an English bankruptcy and we can also offer a hand back service where we can return the property to the mortgage company on your behalf.

If you have a property in the UK and are struggling to maintain the mortgage payments contact our company to see if we can help.