About Bankruptcy from Abroad

Bankruptcy from Abroad was originally formed in 2008 and applied to the Office of Fair Trading for a Consumer Credit Licence to provide debt advice, credit repair facilities and commercial debt counselling services. The Company and operators were then subjected to a very stringent series of checks and tests covering insolvency knowledge, experience, honesty, integrity and the general system of operations and adherence to consumer protection regulations.

After twelve months of OFT checks and onsite visits by local Trading Standards, our Company was approved to supply debt advice and counselling services by the Office of Fair Trading in 2009 under Consumer Credit Licence 620633.

Since 2009 we have supplied a high quality bankruptcy service and handled hundreds of personal bankruptcy cases for clients located all over the World. Legally acting under Power of Attorney we have successfully presented cases in the Royal Courts of Justice in London (also known at the High Court of London) and also the Rolls Building section of the High Court. In all of these cases we have supplied client assistance and support after the bankruptcy has been approved which gives us unrivalled experience and knowledge when dealing with this specialist type of bankruptcy.

Our clients have ranged from basic bankruptcy cases to highly complex situations involving millions of pounds of debts and overseas assets. Our Company ethos is to provide a comprehensive and high quality service providing the client with information and guidance throughout this process.