Declaring an English Bankruptcy while living in Queensland, Australia



Have you moved from England or Wales to live in Queensland and still have debts in the UK? If so it may be worth considering filing bankruptcy in England while living in Australia.

Our Company has been established since 2009 and in that time we have helped over 100 people living in Australia to file bankruptcy and clear their debts and liabilities in the UK. The whole process is handled by us on your behalf including the preparation and presentation of the legal bankruptcy documents to the Court in England.

If you have a property in England, Wales or elsewhere in the World it can also be included as part of the bankruptcy so this process is also a good solution if you own property in negative equity or if you have had a property that has been repossessed by the mortgage company.

We can also deal with debt collectors if your debts have been sold or passed over for debt collection. We will act on your behalf as an authorised representative and contact these companies to confirm that you are filing for bankruptcy; in many cases the creditors will then hold off until the bankruptcy has been approved in England at which point we will update them which will stop pursuit of the debts.

For some free and no obligation advice just complete our short enquiry form and an experienced advisor will be in contact to discuss your options.

Frequently asked Questions

If I file bankruptcy in the UK from Queensland will it affect my life in Australia?

When you declare bankruptcy in England from Australia is will last for 12 months in England; you are not bankrupt in Australia and if handled correctly this process will not damage your credit record in Australia.

Any assets or disposable income (in Australia or Worldwide) can be considered by the Official Receiver in England so it is essential to discuss your individual situation with an experienced overseas bankruptcy advisor before making any decision.


I live in Brisbane, Australia and have a debt collector chasing a credit card debt-can you help?

We have years of experience in dealing with debt collectors; both in the UK and in overseas Countries such as Australia. We can look at various solutions on how to deal with your debt and if we act on your behalf we will deal with these companies on your behalf. Debt collectors also have rules and regulations that they should work to and in some situations they need to be reminded of these!


I have moved to Cairns in Australia from Wales but I have a property in the UK that has been repossessed-what are my options?

Much will depend on the equity or negative equity that is in the property. We can liaise with your mortgage Company to see what sort of situation you have back in the UK and depending on the level of debt advise you of the possible solutions that you have to deal with this.