Declaring UK Bankruptcy from the United States of America

Do you need to file a British Bankruptcy from America?

Covering a vast area, the 50 states within North America have much to offer, and for this reason thousands of people have moved from the United Kingdom to start a new life in this Country. If you now live in America but still have debts in England we can help you declare bankruptcy in the UK as long as your last address was within England or Wales.

If you need advice on how to go bankrupt from America in England please use our short enquiry form and an experienced advisor will contact you to discuss your situation. Our foreign bankruptcy service from America has helped many people to resolve their UK debt issues, and if handled correctly the bankruptcy will not affect your new life overseas.

To go bankrupt in the UK whilst living overseas you will need professional assistance, as a representative will have to act on your behalf under power of attorney in the High Court of London. Our company specialises in UK bankruptcy from America and will handle every aspect of the bankruptcy on your behalf. This saves you time and money and allows you to remain where you are without disrupting your work or personal life. For further help or information please contact us by email or by using our application form.


Assisted English Bankruptcy Service from the United States of America

If you live abroad and need to file for bankruptcy in England, this will clear your UK debts completely. During the bankruptcy process the Official Receiver will decide if you have any assets or disposable income which can be realised for the benefit of the UK creditors. A United Kingdom bankruptcy from America will be dealt with in the same way as a person filing for bankruptcy in England. There are differences in some areas (such as expenditure) and these should be taken into account by the Insolvency Service when they deal with your case.

If you are looking for information on how to declare bankruptcy in England while living in America our company offers a free, no obligation consultation. Our experienced advisors will discuss your situation, explain how the process works and then leave the final decision to you. We do not pressure people into making a decision and work under the UK Data Protection act which means your information is 100% confidential and never disclosed or sold on to any third party. For further help on filing an English bankruptcy from America please use our short contact form and we will be in touch to arrange a consultation.


Live in America and need to go bankrupt in England?

We have dealt with many people living in America with one of the most popular destinations for expat UK residents being the State of Florida. We have seen many clients living in the US being affected by the worldwide “Credit Crunch” with America being impacted as badly as the UK. In many cases property prices in America have also plummeted and many residents find themselves in negative equity in America and if they own a property in the UK the same situation is mirrored here as well.

If your UK property is in negative equity and you live in America it can be a tricky situation to deal with. If you declare bankruptcy whilst overseas any negative equity from your property can be part of the debt within your bankruptcy. We can assist an overseas resident going bankrupt in the UK by dealing with all creditors including mortgage companies, tenants and rental agencies.

The good thing is that Bankruptcy will not affect your property in America if you are in zero equity or a negative equity situation. Your property overseas is only affected in Bankruptcy if it has high value or equity, and if it did have equity the creditors you have in America would actually take preference over UK creditors.

If you are considering a UK bankruptcy from America you need to take professional advice and discuss your situation with a bankruptcy expert. Contact our company by telephone or complete our short questionnaire for immediate assistance. We are experts in helping people go bankrupt from America with debts in England and will deal with your creditors and also your property if you wish to include this in your bankruptcy.


Can English debts be transferred to American debt collectors?

If you have UK debts and live abroad you can still be pursued by local debt collection agencies. We have dealt with many cases where people have filed bankruptcy from abroad due to a US debt collector contacting them to recover outstanding debts. The debt will still remain an English debt but there is nothing to stop a UK creditor using an overseas debt collection company to try to recover the money that is owed.

Many clients that have immigrated to America with debt outstanding in England have been surprised when this type of recovery action is initiated. One of the leading International Debt Recovery companies is Bluestone Law who acts on behalf of various UK creditors. Our overseas bankruptcy service will also include contacting overseas debt collection companies on your behalf and we will update them regularly as the bankruptcy progresses. If you are being contacted by an overseas debt collection company contact us for help and advice.


Previous Bankruptcy Client in Florida-Case Study

“Mr and Mrs J had been living in Florida for around two years. Their property on the South Coast of England had been tenanted; however the sudden loss of tenants had placed considerable pressure on their finances as they also have a property in America and mortgage payments to keep up to date with.

With no new tenants they could not afford two mortgages and the UK property fell into arrears. With the property also in negative equity they could not sell and were caught in an increasing spiral of debt.

In addition to this situation they had unsecured debt on their credit cards of around £20,000 and did not know which way to turn. The whole situation came to a head when an American debt collection company contacted them pursuing a UK debt. This debt had been passed overseas by an English debt collector and suddenly the problem was on their doorstep in America.”

Mr and Mrs J contacted our company and we provided our full overseas bankruptcy service. We dealt with the American debt collector, their mortgage company, unsecured creditors and prepared the bankruptcy. Once the bankruptcy was approved the debt was cleared and their property in America was not affected as there was no value or equity-therefore their house was not an asset.

This then allowed our clients to fully concentrate on their life and business in Florida without the headache of UK debts following them overseas. If you need help on filing UK bankruptcy from overseas please contact our company for further advice.