Can UK Debts Be Transferred Overseas?

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Can UK Debts be Transferred Overseas?

Q: I am living in Florida and have around £30,000 of old debts from when I used to live in England. Can my debts be transferred overseas for recovery and do they then become US debts?

We have dealt with many cases where UK debts are being chased by an American debt collector. If the company pursuing your debt knows your address in Florida there is nothing to stop them transferring the debt to an overseas debt collector for recovery purposes. The debt however remains a UK debt and can be dealt with by using our overseas bankruptcy service.


Q: I have lived in New Zealand for around 4 and half years and have over £100,000 of UK debts. Can I go bankrupt from New Zealand as I understand that there is a three year rule from the point that I moved overseas? I now have a local debt collector harassing me and saying the debts are now located in New Zealand. Is this correct and if I cannot file for bankruptcy from New Zealand what can I do?

You are correct that there is a three year rule applicable to a person filing for bankruptcy from abroad. Once you have lived overseas for over three years the only way to file for bankruptcy would be by returning to the UK and filing in person. With the amount of debt you have I would think this may be your best solution.

The debts are still UK debts and the debt collector is probably misleading you in an attempt to get you to pay money to him.

Our specialist bankruptcy service for people living overseas will still be helpful to you. We can help you prepare the petition, advise on Insolvency Law and help with the Court process. Contact us by completing our short questionnaire and we will be in contact to discuss your situation.


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