Bankruptcy Resources

Welcome to our Bankruptcy resources page. Here you will find details of the technical aspects of bankruptcy and insolvency, including detailed information on areas of bankruptcy law that apply in both UK and overseas cases.

Filing bankruptcy is an individual process and various factors are considered by the Official Receiver and the Insolvency Service when they deal with your case. This starts with the Bankruptcy Adjudicator assessing whether you can actually file bankruptcy in the first place.

Considerations such as your location in the UK or overseas, jurisdiction of the Court, the length of time that you have lived abroad and whether you have been in previous debts solutions will all play a part in the bankruptcy being approved or declined.

Once the bankruptcy has been approved by the Bankruptcy Adjudicator it is passed to the Official Receiver/Insolvency Service as they are appointed by the Bankruptcy Adjudicator to deal with the bankruptcy case and to recover any assets or disposable income that a person has.

When filing bankruptcy in England and Wales it is crucial to understand how the overall process works and the links below will explain in detail how some areas are dealt with.

When we deal with overseas cases UNCITRAL Law can come into effect and this is the agreement between various Countries to supply reciprocal assistance when dealing with assets abroad.

We hope that you find this section useful and we will be updating this on a regular basis.