File for English Bankruptcy online from Bahrain


We have dealt with many clients that live in Bahrain. Your UK debts will not disappear if you ignore your problem and previous clients have expressed their relief once their situation has been dealt with. This also leaves you debt free in England if you do decide to return one day.

You can file for British bankruptcy in the UK without returning from Bahrain and your debts will be cleared using our specialist bankruptcy service. We act on your behalf and will liaise with your creditors giving them a point of contact within the UK to refer to.

We may be able to clarify debts that you may have lost track of and can also deal with property that has been vacated or left tenanted if you wish to include this within your bankruptcy.

For free and confidential advice either email our company with your query or complete our short online enquiry form. There is no obligation to use our services but the initial consultation will explain the options that you have and clarify how things could work for you if you file for bankruptcy from Bahrain.

Living in Bahrain with UK property for sale or tenanted

Many people from England and Wales have moved to the kingdom of Bahrain. This very wealthy Country has tempted many residents from the UK to move overseas, with Bahrain being a popular choice in the middle east.

With high salary positions and good living conditions on offer, we have helped many expatriates from the UK deal with their outstanding UK debts without the need to return home to the England or Wales.

With the high salaries comes a higher cost of living, and in many cases it can still be a struggle to handle payments to UK creditors as well as the day to day living costs overseas. Problems can also occur if there is a UK property owned, maybe in negative equity due to the poor UK housing market. If the property is for sale then mortgage payments still need to be made and if you rely on tenants to pay this cost, issues can occur when tenants move or do not pay their rent on time. These issues can soon spiral out of control.

Our specialist service can deal with both secured and unsecured debts and also extends to deal with property (or properties) that are vacant or tenanted. Due to many UK properties being in negative equity it sometimes makes sense to include the property within your English Bankruptcy thus leaving you completely debt free  in England or Wales.

If you need advice about declaring bankruptcy from Bahrain, or just need some general advice about your situation we offer confidential and no obligation advice. Just complete our short enquiry form and an experienced advisor will be in contact to discuss your situation.

Previous Client in Bahrain-Case Study

Below we show a case study from one of our previous clients in Bahrain.

“Our client was living in Bahrain and worked in the banking industry. When she left England her flat was on the market and had been for some time. Due to the property market being poor there was no interest from any buyer and once she had relocated to Bahrain paying the mortgage and secured loan on an empty property became a struggle.

The situation intensified when our client lost the original employment due to cut backs within the company, and while seeking new employment the mortgage went into default and the property was repossessed by the mortgage company.

After a few months the property was sold well below market value, leaving a shortfall on both the mortgage and secured loan. This coupled with a few credit cards debts and an overdraft left our client owing around £80,000. Bankruptcy was the best option available and cleared the debts leaving our client free to concentrate on building her new career overseas.

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