Declare Bankruptcy in England from Hong Kong, Asia


Hong Kong is an incredibly diverse part of Asia and attracts many people to live and work within its vibrant culture. Bankruptcy from Abroad has assisted many people living in Hong Kong to file for bankruptcy in England and our fully assisted overseas bankruptcy service will deal will all aspects of the bankruptcy process from start to finish.

You may have returned to live in Hong Kong after living and working in England, or you may have moved to Hong Kong for work placement or a new career-either way we can help you if you are struggling to maintain payments to your creditors in England. Bankruptcy from Abroad can deal with both unsecured and secured creditors in the UK on your behalf, and if you are considering filing for bankruptcy in the UK while living in Hong Kong, contact our company for a free, no obligation review of your circumstances. An experienced advisor will discuss your options and if we feel that bankruptcy is not a good option for you we will advise you of this and clarify any other methods you may have to deal with your debts.

Live in Hong Kong and need to file bankruptcy in England?

You can file an English bankruptcy from any part of Asia as long as you meet certain criteria. The main rules on declaring a bankruptcy from Hong Kong are that you have moved to Hong Kong from an address within England or Wales in the last three years.

If this is the case, Bankruptcy from Abroad is able to act on your behalf in England to present the bankruptcy while you remain in Hong Kong. Our foreign bankruptcy service from Hong Kong uses power of attorney to allow us to present your bankruptcy to the High Court of London.

We will deal with the entire legal process in England leaving you free to concentrate on your life or work in Hong Kong. Get in touch by using our short enquiry form and an advisor will contact you for a confidential discussion of your situation. There is no obligation to use our service and we always try to give impartial advice that is best for the client and their situation.

Do you live in Hong Kong but have a property in the UK that is in negative equity?

Bankruptcy from Abroad offers a very comprehensive overseas bankruptcy service. If you have a property in England or Wales that is in negative equity and you also have unsecured debts such as credit cards and loans you may wish to consider bankruptcy as this clears all liabilities including negative equity in a property.

Our specialist service can deal with your property issues including tenanted properties or property that is for currently for sale. Many people that move abroad have property in negative equity and even where property has been rented out they may find that they have to top up rental income to maintain the mortgage. If the property is in negative equity it is a liability not an asset, and dealing with these sorts of situations can place a strain on maintaining a reasonable lifestyle in Hong Kong-a fairly expensive place to live in as it is.

Allow us to take the strain and deal with your property and debts. Your bankruptcy will last for twelve months in England and if handled correctly should not impact upon your credit, employment or  day to day life in Hong Kong.

Previous Client in Hong Kong – Bankruptcy Case Study

We moved to Hong Kong as my Husband’s employer expanded to this area from its London base. We left our house in England, but as we were unable to sell we decided to rent the property out.

When we got to Hong Kong we realised that we had even more outgoings than we had in the UK; we had school fees to pay in addition to normal living expenses. Our rental payment in Hong Kong was very high and we had to top up our UK rental income to maintain the mortgage payment in England. In addition to this we had some debts such as credit cards and unsecured loans.

After a short time we realised that the UK debts were dragging us down-we contacted Bankruptcy from Abroad and they explained our options clearly and without any pressure. We opted for bankruptcy from Hong Kong as we wanted a fresh start and could not see the point in keeping the property in England. The whole process was handled very professionally and has not impacted on our life or my Husbands employment.

For advice on debts and bankruptcy while living in Hong Kong or any part of Asia contact our company now!