Declaring UK Bankruptcy from India, China, Dubai and Asia

Declaring UK Bankruptcy from India, China, Dubai and Asia

The largest continent in the world, Asia covers many countries popular with ex-UK residents. Whether you are living in Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Dubai, United Arab Emirates or elsewhere our foreign bankruptcy service can help if you if still have UK debts and left the UK within the last 3 years.

We have helped many clients in Asia clear their old debts and concentrate on their new life overseas. There are thousands of British Ex-pats living in Asia with debts and in many cases bankruptcy can be the ideal solution.

Many UK residents have moved to places such as Dubai or the United Arab Emirates where employment can be highly paid and employers provide support with living accommodation and settling in. With highly paid employment, good weather and low crime rates more and more people are choosing these countries to settle in.

Other people will move to Countries such as Thailand where the general cost of living can be very low thus increasing the value of their savings or pensions. In many cases people leave property in the UK, either up for sale or tenanted while they decide on their best option. Due to a flat housing market leaving an asset in the UK has back-fired against many people as while the property drops in value, the mortgage payments still have to be made. This can be further complicated by the property moving into negative equity, and what was previously an asset then becomes a liability.

Living in Asia with UK property

Our assisted bankruptcy service for ex UK residents living in Asia is the most comprehensive service available. If you wish to hand your property back as well as declaring bankruptcy in the UK we can handle all of this on your behalf. We contact and deal with your creditors, including any debt collection companies, solicitors, banks, mortgage companies, credit card companies and more. We will inform them of your proposed bankruptcy, arrange to hand back any property or assets as required and keep them updated in relation to the progress of the bankruptcy. All in all this is a complete and professional service designed to give you the least amount of stress possible.

Previous Client-Case Study

Below we show a case study from one of our previous clients in Asia.

“Our client was living in Vietnam and worked in the offshore oil industry. Upon leaving the UK in 2007 he decided to rent his old property out, just in case he needed to return to England at some point. Unfortunately problems with tenants and a low rent in comparison to the mortgage payment meant he was constantly topping up the rental payments to meet the mortgage.

His property then dropped in value and extra financial pressure in Asia meant he began to struggle with payments. The unsecured credit cards soon mounted up and the sudden loss of a tenant meant he then had to pay the mortgage in full. These additional expenses soon increased his debts and when the credit cards hit their limits the mortgage started to go into arrears.

Upon contacting our company we assessed the UK property value and soon realised that the property was in negative equity due to the slump in house values. After assessing the situation we agreed that bankruptcy would be the best option and dealt every aspect of the bankruptcy leaving Mr K free to concentrate on the important things in his life, his employment and his family.”

Our service dealt with the hand back of the property, all secured lenders, all unsecured debt and presentation of the bankruptcy to the High Court in London. After the bankruptcy was approved this left our client debt free and with no impact on his life or employment in Asia.

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