Declare Bankruptcy in England from Qatar

Many UK residents have moved to Qatar to live and work. With oil production and refining forming the main basis of the economy, specialist employment and high wages have created many jobs for ex pat workers.

Bankruptcy from Abroad has helped numerous clients living in Qatar with English debts. If you are living in Qatar and wish to file an English Bankruptcy without returning to the UK our assisted bankruptcy service will allow you to file bankruptcy without returning to the UK.

map of qatar bfaHow does an English Bankruptcy affect you if you live in Qatar?

If you declare bankruptcy from Qatar, this will be dealt with by either the County Court or the High Court of London. The different Courts deal with different amounts of debt. The Insolvency Service are then appointed by the Court to deal with the bankruptcy case.

Our specialist service for ex pats in Qatar uses power of attorney to act on your behalf. This allows us to present the bankruptcy on your behalf and our legal representative will deal with all aspects of the Court system including any queries that are raised by the High Court bankruptcy section or High Court Registrar.

The bankruptcy itself should not affect you in Qatar. The Insolvency Service may wish to see evidence of your expenditure and income and if you have assets in either Country these could form part of the bankruptcy.

Due to the complexity of these situations we advise that you contact our company by email or by using our short enquiry form. An experienced advisor will then assess your situation to see if bankruptcy is your best option. If we feel that there is a better solution to your situation we will explain alternative Insolvency or debt solutions.

UK Bankruptcy from Qatar-Case Study

“I had been living in Doha in the State of Qatar for over two years working in the gas industry. I had debts from when I was self employed in England and although I maintained payments, problems in transferring funds meant that from time to time I incurred late payment penalties.

On addition to this my work was sporadic with sudden gaps in employment from time to time. This led to creditors passing debts to debt collectors in the UK who then targeted my elderly parents address in Liverpool. They were relentless and it was very hard to communicate with them from overseas. More and more charges were added to the debts and the situation spiralled out of control.

After looking into my options I contacted Bankruptcy from Abroad who handled every aspect of the bankruptcy including dealing with the debt collectors”.

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