Live in Australia and need to file for bankruptcy in the UK?


Our assisted bankruptcy service for ex- UK residents living in Australia can be the ideal solution for many reasons.

Select your location: Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria

If you need to file for bankruptcy from Australia we can help:

  • Clear your UK debts and avoid the debt being transferred to you overseas
  • We’ll complete all of the necessary paperwork on your behalf
  • Represent you at your Bankruptcy Hearing
    This ensures that your bankruptcy is successfully filed without you needing to return to the UK.
  • We can deal with your creditors and give them a point of contact within the UK.
    This then avoids the situation where, if you have given them your new address, they transfer the debt to a local debt collection company. This also avoids UK debt collectors contacting neighbours or family to try to locate where you are now living.
  • We can also help if you own a property.
    As part of our service we will deal with your mortgage company and the hand-back of your property. In some situations if your property has been on the market for some time and still not sold, this may be the best option to take. We will then make sure that the property is dealt with as part of the bankruptcy, as after the hand-back there is a high chance of the property being disposed of via an auction or at below-market value. In these cases we normally see a large shortfall in relation to the value of the property and this can then be absorbed into the Bankruptcy leaving you debt free in England.

If you live abroad and need to file for bankruptcy in England you will need a specialist company to assist you with this. Our company specialises in UK bankruptcy from Australia and allows you to go bankrupt in Britain whilst living overseas.



How to declare bankruptcy in England while living in OZ

If you are an overseas resident going bankrupt in the UK you need to take specialist advice. A bankruptcy from Australia is dealt with in a similar way to a person declaring bankruptcy in England. If you have assets or disposable income these can be affected even if you don’t live in England. The Insolvency Service has a duty to the creditors within the bankruptcy and they will try to recover any assets or spare income from the person in bankruptcy – independent of where you live in the world.

Your bankruptcy would be submitted through the High Court of London using our specialist power of attorney system. This allows you to remain in Australia while the bankruptcy is dealt with on your behalf.

If you are looking for some help or advice we offer a free initial consultation. All information is held securely under UK Data Protection laws and if you decide not to proceed with our service we confirm that none of your personal information is ever disclosed to any third party.


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