Declaring UK Bankruptcy from Canada

Canada is the world’s second biggest Country by area and a very popular destination for many people to emigrate to. With its stunning landscapes and scenery, Canada can offer much to people looking for a new life and career overseas.

Bankruptcy from Abroad has helped many people that have relocated to Canada. If you need advice on how to go bankrupt from Canada please feel free to contact our company for expert and friendly assistance. Filing a British bankruptcy from Canada may be a good solution for many people if they still have debts in England, which they are paying while living in Canada.

As a company we always try to offer the best advice or solution for the client. There are always a few different options when dealing with debts while you are living overseas. Our expert advisors will review your situation and offer free and practical advice and options in relation to your situation. Our assisted bankruptcy service from Canada allows you to remain in Canada while we file your bankruptcy in England. We complete all required paperwork, deal with the Courts and can also assist with dealing with your creditors in England.

If you live abroad and need to file for bankruptcy in England we recommend that you take advice beforehand. The English bankruptcy process is quite complex and from time to time changes are made to the Insolvency procedure. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date on all relevant laws applicable to filing bankruptcy from Canada. If you would like further information on bankruptcy from Canada, please complete our short enquiry form or email us directly with your questions.


Live in Canada and need to go bankrupt in England?

If you want to go bankrupt from Canada with debts in England you will need an expert to handle the process. It is also not as straightforward as just completing paperwork, as when you file for bankruptcy from Canada the Official Receiver will look at your assets and income in Canada. Just because you live overseas does not exclude any assets you may have abroad.

An overseas resident going bankrupt in the UK will be subject to the same laws and procedures that apply to a person that lives and files for bankruptcy in England. For instance; if you have disposable income and live in Canada you will still be asked to make a payment back to your creditors if it is calculated that you have spare income after you have paid your reasonable living costs in Canada. This is known as an income payment agreement or IPA.

Our foreign bankruptcy service from Canada will assess your situation in detail and will clarify how this will affect you as an overseas resident going bankrupt in the UK. For many people who go bankrupt in Britain while living overseas there is not much of an impact on their life abroad. If you do not have disposable income or assets in Canada and are struggling to maintain payments to your creditors it is doubtful that any affect would be felt by filing bankruptcy from Canada. For further advice complete our enquiry form and an advisor will be in contact via email to arrange a telephone appointment.


Assisted Bankruptcy Service from Canada

Our assisted bankruptcy service for ex-UK residents living in Canada is designed to provide a stress free and professional approach to this solution. Even if you are a Canadian citizen with debts in England you are able to file a UK bankruptcy from Canada as long as you have moved from an address in England or Wales within the last three years.

Many people find that after immigrating to Canada with debt from England it is very hard to maintain living costs and also pay creditors in another Country. If you are looking for a fresh start in Canada it may be a good solution to clear your debts in England.

We also have many clients living in Canada with UK debts where they own a property in England or Wales. This property may be for sale or tenanted, but if it is in negative equity you need to consider if it is worth trying to maintain payments on your mortgage, or in some cases topping up the rental income that does not cover the mortgage payment. Our specialist service can also assist in dealing with a property and your mortgage company.

If you own a property in England and live in Canada please feel free to contact our company to explore the options that are available to you.

Previous client in Canada-Bankruptcy Case Study

Mr G lived in South Wales for most of his life and in that time built up some general debts on credit cards and a consolidation loan. Although fully qualified as an engineer the unstable work situation in Wales affected employment and Mr G was in and out of work and began to struggle with his debts.

In 2007 he decided to begin a debt management plan and for a year or so kept his creditors at bay by making a regular monthly payment. Unfortunately the debt did not really reduce by using the debt management plan and when another redundancy hit he looked further afield for employment.

Our client then found an employer in Canada that was looking for skilled tradesmen and after a short application process was accepted and asked to start a permanent position in Canada.

This then left him in a position where he had started a new life in Canada but still had his old debts. Due to the initial costs associated with moving and setting up a new life overseas there was no spare cash to continue the never ending debt management scheme and he decided to opt for bankruptcy from Canada using our assisted bankruptcy service.

Our client is now discharged and the bankruptcy had no impact upon him or his credit record in Canada.

If you have old UK debts and are living overseas in Canada then we can help you if you need to file for bankruptcy in England. Contact our company for assistance and we can discuss your best options depending on your circumstances. Alternatively complete our short questionnaire for assistance and we will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

English Bankruptcy from Canada-FAQ

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