Declare bankruptcy in England from Turkey, Asia

turkeyHave you moved to Turkey from the UK and are now struggling to pay your debts? If so you may be able to file English bankruptcy from Turkey using our overseas bankruptcy service.

We have assisted many clients in Turkey to declare bankruptcy in England by acting under power of attorney. Using this system we present your documents to the High Court in London which allows you to remain in Turkey while we work on your behalf. Our foreign bankruptcy service from Turkey deals with all of the required paperwork; this can be very complicated to raise and the High Court will demand a very high standard of paperwork when dealing with these types of bankruptcy cases.

If you are an ex-pat living in Turkey, or a Turkish national that has moved home after living in the UK, contact us for expert advice and we will explain your options on how to deal with your debts while living abroad.

Live in Turkey and need to declare bankruptcy in England?

Bankruptcy from Abroad covers the entire continent of Asia and specialises in assisted bankruptcy for people living overseas. To be able to use this service you need to have moved from an address in England or Wales within the last three years. If you have lived abroad for over three years we can still assist you-contact us and we will explain your options.

In many cases people move abroad with the intention of paying their debts off,  but if your income is lower than expected,  you may be struggling to maintain payments to your creditors. If you declare bankruptcy from Turkey you are not bankrupt in Turkey-only in the UK. The bankruptcy itself lasts for twelve months and you would then be automatically discharged. If you are not too sure about declaring bankruptcy from Turkey just speak to one of our advisors and we will give you unbiased information on your options-there is no pressure or obligation to use any of our services!

Are you living in Turkey but still have a property in the UK that is in negative equity?

If you live in Turkey but still own a property in England it may be affected if you declare bankruptcy. If it has equity it will be seen as an asset but if it is in negative equity it can be included in an English bankruptcy. For many of our clients this can be the best option and any shortfall after the property is sold will form part of the bankruptcy debts.

Bankruptcy from Abroad assists with property issues-just complete our short enquiry form and we will be in contact to advise you of your options.

General debt advice for ex-pats living in Turkey

If you live in Turkey and have debts in the UK you may not be too sure of your best option. We pride ourselves on giving a person unbiased and no obligation advice. Bankruptcy may not be your best option-if you have a low amount of debt there are other solutions that may be more applicable.

We have dealt with many ex-pats throughout the Continent of Asia and can normally find a solution that will assist you. Let us help to clarify your options-it may be the best call you ever made!