UK Expat Debt Solutions

Expat with UK debts

Are you are an expat that has moved from England or Wales but still has unpaid debts in the UK? If so, we can assist you with a range of debt solutions and offer a free one-to-one consultation to discuss your situation.

We have assisted ex-pats living in Countries all over the World including Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Canada, America; in fact almost every other Country or continent that you can imagine.

If you want to clear your debts while remaining abroad you may wish to consider filing bankruptcy in England while remaining overseas. As an expat from the UK, our service allows you to remain in your new Country of residence while we act on your behalf to file your bankruptcy in England.

Many expatriates from England move abroad with outstanding credit card debts or bank loans that they fully intend to pay. The problem that many ex-pats find when trying to pay their debts in the UK is that the cost of living may be completely different in their new Country of residence. This normally means that income may be far less than normal UK standards and trying to maintain payments to creditors can be very hard.

In other Countries such as the United Arab Emirates the income an expat receives can be much higher than the normal English wage, but the cost of living can also be very expensive meaning that it can be hard to find disposable income to pay mortgages, loans, credit cards and any other debts, either secured or unsecured.


Ex-pat debt solutions

As an expat you have various options when it comes to dealing with your outstanding debts in England or Wales. If you moved from Scotland there are slightly different laws applicable to filing bankruptcy from overseas so it is best to discuss your situation with one of our experienced advisors.

Debt solutions for Ex-pats from the UK can include bankruptcy from abroad, debt management from abroad, an IVA from abroad or maybe a full and final settlement from abroad.


Debt Management for expats that have moved from England

If you have a relatively low amount of debt outstanding in England and not much disposable income you may wish to consider setting up a debt management program while living overseas. If this is set up correctly your creditors may hold the interest and charges on your debts and if they receive a steady payment this will keep them relatively happy. You will also gradually reduce your outstanding debts. This can be used for most types of debts including credit cards, overdrafts, personal loans and even mortgage shortfalls.


Bankruptcy services for expats that have moved from the UK

One way to clear your outstanding debts is by filing bankruptcy from overseas. If you have a larger amount of debt this may be one of your best options as it will clear the majority of debts that an expat has. Some debts are excluded such as student loans, CSA debts and Court imposed fines, but to clarify things it is best to discuss your circumstances with one of our experienced advisors.

When you file bankruptcy from abroad you are bankrupt in England not in your new Country of residence; the bankruptcy lasts for 12 months in normal cases you are automatically discharged one year to the day you filed bankruptcy. Your credit will not be affected overseas and if you are working your employer will not be contacted.

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