Declaring UK Bankruptcy from Thailand

thailandThailand has become a very popular Country to move to and offers a good lifestyle to the large English expat community that now live there. From the incredible beaches and warm climate to the friendliness of the Thai people, this is a very desirable destination for many people from all areas of the World.

But what can you do if you still have debts from England and are now living in Thailand? Depending on the amount that you owe, filing a British bankruptcy from Thailand could be an option for you.

If you are looking for information on how to go bankrupt from Thailand with debts in England, please contact our company by using our short enquiry form. An experienced advisor will contact you to discuss how to declare bankruptcy in England while living in Thailand and also if this is the best option for you in your current situation.

For many people declaring bankruptcy from abroad will not affect their new life overseas. If you file a UK bankruptcy from Thailand the Official Receiver will look at your assets and income. If you do not have any assets or disposable income the bankruptcy will not really affect you or change your day to day life in Thailand.

Our foreign bankruptcy service from Thailand will deal with the bankruptcy in England from start to finish. Our company deals with all paperwork, attends the High Court of London on your behalf and provides advice and support throughout this process. If required we can also deal with UK creditors and even property if you still own a flat or house in the UK.

For more information on our assisted bankruptcy service from Thailand please contact our company.

Live in Thailand and need to go bankrupt in England?

If you need advice on how to go bankrupt from Thailand our company offers a free initial consultation. Once you complete our confidential enquiry form we will arrange a convenient time to telephone you to discuss your current situation.

If you are living overseas in Thailand and need to file for bankruptcy in England our company specialises in providing this assistance. To file a UK bankruptcy from overseas is a complex process and involves a person acting on your behalf under power of attorney. The English bankruptcy from Thailand will be dealt with through the High Court of London, also known as the Royal Courts of Justice. A UK bankruptcy from overseas must be dealt with at the High Court, and all bankruptcy cases where a person lives in Thailand will be administered and dealt with at this location.

If you need help in filing bankruptcy from Thailand contact our company for no obligation help and advice.

Assisted Bankruptcy Service from Thailand

If you live abroad and need to file for bankruptcy in England it pays to take advice from a specialist in this field. Bankruptcy law is continually changing and as a company we pride ourselves on being aware of the latest updates in relation to overseas insolvency. We have helped many people to go bankrupt in the UK while living overseas in Thailand and specialise in assisting people with UK debts that live abroad.

If you wish to file bankruptcy in England whilst abroad, contact our company for free advice. We will assess your situation and explain how this process works. We do not apply any pressure to force you to make a decision and we will also advise you on other solutions if there are alternative options to deal with your situation.

If you are an overseas resident thinking of applying for bankruptcy in the UK you have three years from the point of moving overseas to apply. Your last address must also have been in England or Wales. If you are looking for information on a United Kingdom bankruptcy from Thailand we can help!

Previous Client in Thailand-Bankruptcy Case Study

I moved from London and travelled around Asia with my boyfriend before settling in Thailand where I obtained some work running a small bar in Pattaya.

I had some credit card debts from when I lived and worked in London, and had left a small amount of money in a UK bank account to cover these payments. Unfortunately we used the credit cards during my travelling and ended up owing around £22,000 in total.

The problems started to occur when my parents informed me that a debt collector had contacted them at their home address in England. I had changed my address to my parents address when I left for Asia and for this reason the credit card companies began to target this address as I had stopped paying the minimum card payments.

I contacted Bankruptcy from Abroad who clearly explained my options. I decided to file for bankruptcy as I intended to stay in Thailand for as long as possible and felt that I needed to resolve this situation. The process was handled on my behalf and once the bankruptcy had been approved the harassment from the debt collectors also stopped.

If you have immigrated to Thailand with debt from England you always have a few options to deal with this situation. If handled correctly the bankruptcy will not impact upon your life overseas and you will be bankrupt in England for twelve months before being automatically discharged.

Contact our company for assistance and we can discuss your best options depending on your circumstances. Alternatively complete our short questionnaire and we will be in contact with you within 24 hours.