Petition for bankruptcy in England and Wales from Northern Territory, Australia


If you live in the Northern Territory of Australia and have moved from England or Wales within the last three years you have the ability to declare bankruptcy in England while living in Australia.

Declaring bankruptcy from abroad is a fairly complicated process and all bankruptcy cases must be dealt with through the High Court of London. Our Company has helped people from all over Australia to clear their debts in England and Wales and you are able to do this while remaining in Australia.

The process works as we act as your Attorney in England and by providing this facility we can legally represent you and present your bankruptcy paperwork to the High Court of London while you are in Australia. We also provide a full service that will prepare the paperwork on your behalf and we will then assist you through each stage of the process; both before and after the bankruptcy.

If you have moved to the Northern Territory of Australia and still have debts or property issues back in the UK, contact us for some friendly advice and we can explain the options that you have to deal with your situation back in England. There is no obligation to use our service and in some cases we may advise against bankruptcy rather than to just try to generate a fee. Bankruptcy is based on a person’s individual circumstances and for this reason each enquiry we deal with is assessed on its own merits and information.

If we consider that there are other, better options on how to deal with your debts we will explain how these work and then you are able to make an informed decision on how to proceed. If you would like some more information please use our short contact form and we will be in touch via email to confirm when an advisor will call you.

Dealing with creditors, debt collectors and property as part of the bankruptcy service

Over the years we have found that many people need more than a basic service that just prepares the paperwork and gets the bankruptcy approved while you are in Australia.

As part of our overseas bankruptcy service we can act as your authorised representative in England and deal with UK creditors and debt collectors. In some cases debt recovery is transferred overseas to Australia and if this is the situation we can also contact and deal with these companies on your behalf.

If you have a Company acting on your behalf in the UK it serves the purpose of letting your creditors know that you are preparing a bankruptcy and it also gives them a focus point where they can get updates and information. It also stops them harassing innocent third parties back in the UK as normally when you stop paying the debts your creditors mainly chase payment back in the UK; whether this is your old address or friends and family they don’t seem to care and this harassment of people back in England then causes you problems in Australia.

Our full assistance bankruptcy service deals with the creditors and the debt collectors and as soon as the bankruptcy has been filed at the High Court in London we will update them that the bankruptcy has been approved. At this point you are fully protected by the bankruptcy and all debt collection must stop.

For help or advice use our short enquiry form and we will be in contact to assist you.