Professional Bankruptcy & Debt Consultation Service

Bankruptcy Consultation

Are you living overseas with UK debt? If so, it may be worth investigating the option of filing personal bankruptcy from abroad.

The BfA Group have been established since 2009 and since that time we have helped over one thousand clients prepare and file bankruptcy from all over the world. Prior to 2016, we acted under Power of Attorney in the Royal Courts of Justice also known as the High Court of London.

We have unrivalled experience in overseas bankruptcy cases that are presented in England and Wales, and we understand the effects that various debt solutions can have on a person, whether they are based in the UK or abroad.

Our consultation service is 100% confidential and we always act in the best interest of our clients. Your consultation will be handled by an insolvency expert with a minimum of ten years of experience in this field who will explain and discuss the various debt solutions that you have available to you.

Our initial consultation fee will be deducted from any further fee that our Company charges. For example, if you engage our Company to assist you with your overseas bankruptcy application, any fee that we charge will be less the consultation fee cost.

Our consultation will cover most areas that a person needs to consider including;

  • The debt solutions that are available to you as an individual or couple.
  • Discussion and explanation of the personal bankruptcy process where the individual is living overseas or intending to return to the UK to file bankruptcy.
  • Discussion and explanation of how this process may affect any assets such as property and equity, vehicles, savings, shares, and income.
  • Detailed explanation of the Official Receivers role in the bankruptcy.
  • Explanation of how contact is made to overseas companies or organisations and how this may or may not affect you while living overseas.
  • Discussion of how a UK bankruptcy works in relation to overseas credit ratings.
  • Discussion and explanation of how overseas debts are handled within a UK bankruptcy.
  • Analysis of the potential risk that an income payment agreement may be applied.
  • Explanation of the Official Receivers post-bankruptcy interview process and how the examiner and case manager will act when dealing with you.
  • Explanation of how the UK Insolvency Register works and how notices are publicised in the London Gazette.

The above list of topics is designed to give you an idea of the areas that may be discussed, but this list is not exhaustive and other matters can be discussed as required by the client.

Contact us now to arrange a consultation and we will arrange a convenient day and time to discuss your situation.