Assisted English Bankruptcy Service from China

chinaAs one of the largest Countries in the World, China has always been an interesting and diverse area to live in. For this reason many people from the UK have moved here to start a new life, with lots of our previous clients being involved in the English teaching industry.

If you have moved to China from England and still have UK debts outstanding, bankruptcy from China may be a suitable option. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy in England whilst living in China contact our company for a free initial consultation. An experienced advisor will contact you to discuss your circumstances, and to clarify if declaring bankruptcy in England while living in China is a good option for you.

If you have moved from an address in England or Wales within the last 3 years you are able to file bankruptcy from China in the UK without returning home to do so. Our assisted bankruptcy service from China will allow you to remain in China while we act on your behalf under Power of Attorney. This saves you the cost of flying back to England and dealing with the Courts in person, and enables you to declare bankruptcy in England from China.

For many people that have moved to China to work or study, it can become very difficult to maintain payments to their creditors in England. If you are struggling to pay your UK debts while living in China you can look at various options depending on the amount of money you owe. For further advice feel free to either email our company or use our short contact form if you need clarification on the solutions available to you. If you have a high level of debt, filing a British Bankruptcy from China may be your best option unless you have assets which may be lost during the bankruptcy process. As a company we will explain how a foreign bankruptcy from China is dealt with in England. We may not always recommend declaring bankruptcy from China in England; if we think there are better options for you we will explain why and what they are.

Filing a UK Bankruptcy from China

Over the past years we have helped many ex UK residents living in China with debts in England. When you declare bankruptcy in England from China the Official Receiver will look at your current circumstances with regards to assets and income. The bankruptcy will also be checked for any reckless use of credit, including areas such as gambling. Bankruptcy from Abroad looks at the way that your bankruptcy will be handled and due to our experience in this area we can explain to you in detail how this process would work when your file is being dealt with.

For many people, filing bankruptcy in England can be a daunting procedure, especially when you live overseas. Our foreign bankruptcy service for ex-pats living in China can make the process much simpler for a person, as all of the work that is required is handled on your behalf.

We provide full legal representation and we will attend the High Court in London to present the bankruptcy on your behalf. Once you are declared bankrupt in England you will be contacted in China by the English Insolvency Service, normally via email. We provide support to our clients during this period and help wherever possible.

Own a property in England that is in negative equity while living in China?

If you have moved abroad to live in China you may still have a property that you own in England, Wales or elsewhere. Due to the drop in property values, many of our past clients have been unable to sell their property and when the value does not cover the mortgage outstanding you can be caught in a catch 22 situation.

Our specialist UK bankruptcy service for people living in China can also assist with these types of situations and we have helped many people with property issues. If you have large debts in the UK combined with a property in England that is in negative equity, a UK Bankruptcy from China may be your best option.

To discuss this further, contact Bankruptcy from Abroad and we will provide you with free and confidential advice on filing for bankruptcy in England from China. Your property can be included as part of your bankruptcy and if there is potentially a large shortfall in relation to the value of the property compared to the mortgage outstanding, this shortfall can be incorporated into the Bankruptcy process to leave you completely debt free in England.

English bankruptcy from China – Case study

One of our previous clients in China contacted us when they could not maintain payments to their UK creditors any longer……

“I moved from Oxford to China in 2010 as I had been offered a job position as an English teacher. The wage was fairly low but due to the lack of opportunities in England and also a desire to explore the culture of China and Asia I decided to move abroad and take up this exciting offer.

When I moved I had some debts on two credit cards and I also had an overdraft in England which I never seemed to be able to reduce. I also had a flat in Oxford which had a mortgage and an unsecured loan, both from the same company. I rented the flat to tenants but with the agents fees the rent did not quite cover the mortgage payments. I had to try to top these up every month and I could not sell the property due to the value of the flat dropping considerably over the past 4 years.

I suddenly reached a point where I could no longer pay my credit cards or loan and I had also used them when I relocated to China; my situation had spiralled out of control.

I contacted Bankruptcy from Abroad who took control of my situation from start to finish. They dealt with the property situation, my creditors and also filed the bankruptcy on my behalf while I remained in China. After discussing the available solutions I think this was my best option and it has taken a lot of strain away from my life abroad.”

If you need help or advice on declaring bankruptcy in England while living in China please do not hesitate to contact our company.