Declare Bankruptcy in England from Abu Dhabi, UAE

abu-dhabiMany people have moved from England to work in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. This particular emirate has many opportunities for people and offers a good standard of living, as well as high salaries in particular fields of employment.

If you have moved to Abu Dhabi with UK debts you are able to file for bankruptcy in England without the need to return home.

The bankruptcy is confined to the UK and you would be bankrupt for 12 months or less. The bankruptcy would be handled by our company and filed in the Royal Courts of Justice in London using a specialist power of attorney system.

In addition to our representation we complete all necessary bankruptcy forms and paperwork and can deal with your creditors and UK property if required.

If you have English debts and live in Abu Dhabi your creditors can pursue you while you are living overseas. We have dealt with many cases where people have suddenly been “found” by their creditors and if this situation is not dealt with this may have an effect on your life and employment abroad.

If you are considering your options on how to deal with your debts feel free to contact us by email or via our short online enquiry form. We offer a free and confidential assessment of your circumstances and in most cases can help to resolve your situation while you remain overseas.

Living in Abu Dhabi with UK or English Debts

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the Emirate States and also the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

If you are living and working in Abu Dhabi and have outstanding debts in England, you may be able to file for bankruptcy from abroad without returning home. If your last address was in England or Wales and you have moved within the last three years you are able to declare bankruptcy from Abu Dhabi using our specialist foreign bankruptcy service.

If you live in Abu Dhabi and need to go bankrupt in England you have two choices. You can appoint a company to represent you and work under power of attorney, or you can fly back to the UK and deal with the High Court of London in person.

If you are considering either of these options and wish to declare a UK Bankruptcy from Abu Dhabi we can assist you. Complete our short enquiry form and an experienced advisor will contact you to discuss your options.

UK Bankruptcy from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates-Case Study

Our clients lived in Abu Dhabi after moving from the Midlands in 2009. They had two buy to let properties rented out in Birmingham and also their main property which was rented to family members.

“We had been maintaining payments on all of our mortgages by way of rental income although we did need to top up payments every month. Our main problems were being caused by the poor housing marker in the UK as all of our properties were in slight negative equity. The amount we had to pay every month increased as the mortgage rates increased on our buy to let properties. We could not sell as the market value was below the amount outstanding on the mortgages. It was pointless to continue putting money into what we once hoped would be our assets in retirement. For this reason we looked at bankruptcy and decided to hand all of our properties back to the lenders. The shortfall and some unsecured debts we had eventually meant we owed around £75,000, and for this reason we decided on bankruptcy as this allowed us to in effect start again”.

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