Declaring UK Bankruptcy from New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most popular Countries for British migrants. Lying around 900 miles from the East Coast of Australia, New Zealand is made up of two main landmasses; the North Island and the South Island.

Each year thousands of UK residents will move to New Zealand to start a new life overseas. With its fairly mild climate and stunning landscapes this English speaking Country has a lot to offer, both in the general standard of living and also employment prospects.

If you are immigrating to New Zealand with debts in England you may wish to explore your options on how to deal with this situation. Depending on your circumstances and debt level there are normally a few different options to explore. You could go bankrupt in New Zealand with debts in England and depending on the amount of debt you have; this may be one of the best options available to you.

If you live abroad and need to file for bankruptcy in England contact our company for a free initial consultation. One of our experienced advisors will make an appointment with you to discuss your circumstances and options. If we consider that bankruptcy from abroad is not your best option we will explain the other solutions that are open to you-we always try to provide the best advice possible for a person’s situation.

Many people have used our foreign bankruptcy service from New Zealand to resolve their debt problems in England. If you are looking for information on how to declare bankruptcy in England while living in New Zealand you can contact us by using our short enquiry form or by emailing us directly with your query.

Our company works to a very high standard and looks at how a bankruptcy may affect you overseas. Our service provides complete support from start to finish, and will also include help and support during the bankruptcy period (which in a standard case will be 12 months). Your dedicated bankruptcy case advisor is constantly on hand to provide advice and answer any questions, both during and after the bankruptcy has been filed in England.

Live in New Zealand and need to go bankrupt in England?

If you need advice on how to go bankrupt from New Zealand please use our short enquiry form to contact our company. We recommend talking to an advisor rather than emailing back and forth as when considering the option of bankruptcy from New Zealand there are many areas to discuss and consider. This can be covered in a 20 minute telephone conversation but would take many hours using email. We are also contactable using Skype-please see our contact page for further information on office hours and contact methods.

When filing a British Bankruptcy from New Zealand you need a specialist to act on your behalf. By utilising our assisted bankruptcy service from New Zealand we will act on your behalf to submit your bankruptcy in England. We will work under power of attorney and deal with the Royal Courts of Justice in London. If you are living overseas and need to file for bankruptcy in England the Royal Courts of Justice (also known as the London High Court) is the only place that you are able to submit your bankruptcy. Our foreign bankruptcy service provides the legal representation that you require and will enable you to remain in New Zealand while we deal with the bankruptcy on your behalf. This then avoids the cost of flying back to the UK, organising accommodation and taking time off of work in New Zealand.

How does filing bankruptcy in England affect our life in New Zealand?

When you go bankrupt in the UK while living overseas, the bankruptcy is handled in the same way as a person filing a bankruptcy while living in England. The Insolvency Service will look at assets and income to see if they can recover any money for the benefit of the creditors. For this reason if you have assets or disposable income in New Zealand, these could become involved in the bankruptcy, even though the bankruptcy is in England and you live in New Zealand. An overseas resident going bankrupt in the UK will still be expected to co-operate with the Official Receiver and disclose information as and when required.

For this reason if you are considering a United Kingdom Bankruptcy from New Zealand contact our company to discuss your situation with an experienced advisor. Our initial consultation is free of charge, fully confidential and there is no obligation to proceed with the services or advice that we offer.

Does going bankrupt in England affect our credit in New Zealand?

Many people ask us if the bankruptcy in England will affect their credit in New Zealand. The bankruptcy is shown on your English credit report for 6 years from the start date of the bankruptcy. Due to the constant changes in the way that overseas bankruptcy is dealt with we recommend speaking to an advisor for up to date information on this very important area of overseas bankruptcy. The English Insolvency Service will, on occasion, change the way that an overseas bankruptcy is dealt with, and for this reason you need a company that specialises in this area of insolvency. Through our constant customer support program we can provide a very up to date view of what happens in an overseas bankruptcy case-contact us now!

Previous Client in New Zealand-Bankruptcy Case Study

Mr T moved to Auckland in 2010 from Kent in England. Due to his Visa approval he had a limited time to deal with his financial affairs in the UK, and as such did not manage to sell his property prior to leaving. One issue he had was that his property had lost value and due to an extra secured loan was deeply in negative equity. This left him starting a new life in New Zealand but also having to pay a mortgage and secured loan on an empty property in England that just would not sell for the amount required.
In addition to the property issue he also had four credit cards which were all close to their limits. The monthly payments did not really impact upon the amount owing and his wages in New Zealand did not allow him to pay off the cards as well as the mortgage payments.

“I contacted Bankruptcy from Abroad in relation to my issues in England. I was given two different options to consider and after discussing bankruptcy decided to apply using their assisted bankruptcy service from New Zealand.
The process took all of the strain away from me and I as I was feeling quite stressed, this in itself was a massive relief. Bankruptcy from Abroad dealt with all of my creditors in England and also my property and mortgage company. The bankruptcy provided a clean break from the issues I had left behind in the UK, and although it was not something I ever expected to do, it has provided me the solution I needed. I am now concentrating on my life in New Zealand without worrying about what is happening in England.”

If you need advice about bankruptcy from New Zealand, please use our short contact form and an advisor will be in contact with you as soon as possible.