Areas Covered

Bankruptcy from Abroad provides global assistance to people that have moved from England or Wales and now live abroad. Our overseas bankruptcy service allows you to stay abroad while we prepare and file your bankruptcy in the High Court of London using Power of Attorney.

Established in 2008 we have helped hundreds of people to file bankruptcy and clear their outstanding debts in the UK. From remote Caribbean Islands to popular ex-pat destinations such as Australia and America as long as you meet the correct criteria we can help.

Below you can select the County or Continent that you live in for further more detailed and specific information about bankruptcy and the services that we offer. You will also find a selection of testimonials from previous customers that we have dealt with.

Our experience in assisting people all over the World helps when it comes to the preparation of your bankruptcy. Factors such as the cost of living are taken into account and even though your bankruptcy will follow the same basic structure as a person that lives in the UK we will allow for variations in respect of where our clients live as this does need to be taken into account when dealing with areas such as income and expenditure.

Obviously all situations are different and as such we look at each case on an individual basis. Rest assured that wherever you live we can normally assist you and if bankruptcy is not your best solution we will try to offer advice and explain the other options that may be available to you.

Clink on the area that you live in for further assistance.