Declaring UK Bankruptcy from South America

South America is a very large continent with a huge variety of landscapes, people and countryside. Although not one of the main continents that people emigrate to, many people that have lived in the UK for a few years will return to their homelands at some point and due to the vast differences in income levels will then not be able to handle their old UK debts.

We have helped clients living in South America to clear their old UK debts and start afresh. Although South America is seen as a poorer Continent then most, the stunning landscapes and warmth of the people living there still attract residents from the UK to start their new life in this very varied Country.

Previous Client-Case Study

“Mr M was based in Peru after living and working in the UK for many years. The move to Peru was attractive due to the lower cost of living and better climate and after meeting a Peruvian lady he decided to settle in this Country.

The main problem he found was lack of highly paid work and with debts accumulated from old credit cards, a divorce and finally a house repossession in the UK his unsecured debt was close to £100,000. Minimum payments did not even impact upon the amount owed and after contacting our company Mr M took the option of bankruptcy.”

In these types of situation there is no other real alternative apart from Bankruptcy. We contacted his creditors and dealt with everything from start to finish. Within two months the situation was resolved and he became debt free. There was no impact from the bankruptcy and Mr M lives a much happier and contented life without the burden of the UK debts on the back of his mind.

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