Declaring UK Bankruptcy from South Africa

Have you returned to live in Africa with your UK debts still outstanding?

Many of our previous clients had moved to Africa to work or return to their birthplace in after living in the UK for many years. Due to the recession in the UK and fewer jobs in the retail, construction and finance industries the UK has had less to offer for many people specialising in these sectors.

The main problem people find when returning to their original country is the initial cost of moving, the cost of settling back in and also the lack of employment that is reflected globally at this time. These problems can be further magnified by exchange rates, work visas and cost of living. Normally if the cost of living is cheaper in a country the wages reflect this. This then leaves little or no spare money to pay the old UK debts that are gradually increasing with interest and in many cases late payment charges. It can become a vicious circle and even if people do manage to pay something it sometimes does not reduce the amount outstanding.

If you are looking for an assisted bankruptcy service we can help. This may be your best option if you can afford the fees for this process. The worst possible scenario is that a local debt collector is instructed and suddenly this problem is on your doorstep and not miles away in the UK. Take positive action before somebody else does-don’t let you debts follow you across the water and into your homeland.

Assisted Bankruptcy Service from Africa

Our foreign bankruptcy service has helped many ex-UK residents living in Africa with old outstanding debts. Below we show a typical case study from one of our previous clients that we have successfully helped through bankruptcy.

See below for a case study in relation to one of our previous clients;

Mr and Mrs P had been living in the Midlands when a combination of redundancies and lower than average wages forced them to return to South Africa. Their main problem they had were the UK debts that were owed to Visa and their local bank. A combination of loans and credit cards that has been incurred over the last 4 years meant they had a total joint debt of around £30,000.

Luckily they had support from family when they returned to South Africa and after a while both managed to find jobs. The main issue then affecting them was the low wage compared to the level they had been earning in the UK. The stress began to increase until they contacted our company and we prepared their bankruptcy petitions. We also contacted their creditors and informed them of what was happening. You can see from their testimonial on the right how the bankruptcy helped them……..

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Declare bankruptcy from South Africa

If you are looking for a British bankruptcy service from Africa we can provide all of the assistance that you need. We specialise in bankruptcy for British Expatriates so if you have UK debts outstanding it may be a good option for you to take.

We have helped many Expats living in Africa and we do not see any impact on credit, employment or rental properties if the bankruptcy is handled correctly. If you need a debt solution to clear your English debts while living in Africa contact us now!

Signing and witnessing of your bankruptcy petition

Once your bankruptcy petition has been completed the document must be sent to you for signing and witnessing. A good tip for our clients in South Africa is that you can use the services of a Police Officer, which should also be free of charge. While a South African Police Officer is on duty they are able to act in the capacity of a Commissioner of Oaths.

See our useful links for details of the South African Police and your local Police Station.