Living in South Australia with debts and liabilities in England


Southern Australia is a very popular destination to move to from the UK with thousands of people every year migrating to Adelaide and the surrounding areas to start a new life abroad.  Over the past 6 years we have dealt with many people from Southern Australia and assisted them with advice and solutions on how to handle their old debts in the UK including declaring bankruptcy in England.

The amount of debt that a person has can dictate the best solution for their particular situation, but when the level of debt is quite high an individual will normally choose between either a bankruptcy or an IVA.


Dealing with your debts in the UK can be very hard due to things like time difference and exchange rates as well as expensive bank transfer charges. In addition to these factors the cost of living in Australia is much higher than the UK and all of these things combined can lead to issues paying off your old debts.

Filing a bankruptcy petition in the UK while living in Australia can be handled on your behalf by Bankruptcy from Abroad. Initially we will assess your situation to check if the bankruptcy is a good option and to discuss and explain the processes that are involved.

As a Company in England we were initially licensed to offer debt advice and counselling by the Office of Fair trading in 2009 although this compliance is now overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are licensed under Data Protection Laws and all information discussed is held in confidence.

If you need some advice feel free to contact our company and we will explain all of the options that you have in a friendly and informative way. We never force our services onto a person and operate a clear and transparent fee structure to enable a person to calculate exactly what a debt solution will cost to use.

Do you have property in the UK in negative equity?

If you have property in negative equity in the UK you are in a common situation. As a Company we have helped many people all over the World to deal with this type of problem. Even if the property is tenanted we find that many people have to “top up” the mortgage and send money back to the UK to keep the mortgage payments up to date. Companies such as NRAM used to provide mortgages with unsecured loans that ran alongside the mortgage meaning many people never placed deposits into their property.

If you are living in Australia with negative equity property in the UK it can be almost impossible to sell and many people feel trapped in this situation. Filing bankruptcy from Australia can deal with this situation and any shortfall or negative equity can be included in a bankruptcy in England without affecting you in Southern Australia

For further information on how this can work for you complete our enquiry form and we will be in contact shortly.