Declaring UK Bankruptcy from Japan

japan_map_bfaIf you are looking for, or need advice on how to go bankrupt in England from Japan we can assist you. We have helped many clients that live abroad to file for bankruptcy in the UK without needing to return to England to do so.

Filing a British bankruptcy from Japan is possible as long as your last address was within England or Wales. There is also a three year time limit on applying for bankruptcy whilst living overseas.

Our foreign bankruptcy service from Japan provides complete assistance for people living overseas and handles the entire process from start to finish. Once the bankruptcy has been declared in England it will last for one year and subject to standard procedure you will then be automatically discharged.

If you are an overseas resident living in Japan it is advisable to take advice in relation to going bankrupt in the UK. Our initial bankruptcy consultation is free of charge and without any obligation. It is also 100% confidential as we work under UK Data Protection laws.

For more information on our assisted bankruptcy service from Japan please contact our company.

Live in Japan and need to go bankrupt in England?

To go bankrupt from Japan with debts in England you will need to appoint a representative to act on your behalf. Our company provides a specialist power of attorney service for our overseas clients. English bankruptcy while abroad must be dealt with via the High Court of London and the bankruptcy petition must be presented under power of attorney.

You do not need to be an English citizen to use this service. English bankruptcy from Japan will cover all outstanding debts in the UK. If you have property in the UK that has negative equity our service will also deal with this on your behalf. Any shortfall for the property sale can be absorbed into the UK bankruptcy from Japan.

If you need help in filing a UK bankruptcy from Japan contact our company for no obligation help and advice.

Assisted Bankruptcy Service from Japan

If you are living overseas in Japan and need to file for bankruptcy in England, we offer free advice to check that this is the best solution for your circumstances.

If you wish to file bankruptcy in England whilst abroad, contact our company for free advice. We will assess your situation and explain how this process works. We do not apply any pressure to force you to make a decision and we will also advise you on other solutions if there are alternative options to deal with your situation.
Contact our company for assistance and we can discuss your best options depending on your circumstances. Alternatively complete our short questionnaire and we will be in contact with you within 24 hours.