Overseas Bankruptcy in England from Bhutan, Asia

Do you need to declare Bankruptcy from Abroad?

Our company has assisted many people living in Asia that still have debts in England. Filing bankruptcy in England from Bhutan is possible if you have moved from England or Wales in the last three years.

UK bankruptcy from abroad will allow you to remain in Bhutan as we work under power of attorney in England on your behalf.

The process will clear most debts in the UK and can include property in negative equity. For detailed advice contact our company using our short enquiry form.

Foreign bankruptcy service from Bhutan

If you need help or advice on how to deal with your UK debts while living or working in Bhutan we can provide assistance.

As each situation we deal with is quite individual we always offer a free no obligation assessment of your circumstances. Contact us by email or by clicking on the following link for our application form.