Lodging Bankruptcy in England from Myanmar, Asia

Bankruptcy from Abroad assists people living in Asia, and if you live in Myanmar you are able to use our specialist bankruptcy service to file bankruptcy in England.

If you have moved to Myanmar and still have debts in England then bankruptcy may be an option for you if you are struggling to maintain payments to your creditors. Filing bankruptcy from Myanmar can be complex and if you have never completed bankruptcy paperwork it can be an overwhelming task.

We provide a full bankruptcy service for people that live abroad and handle every aspect of the bankruptcy from start to finish.

We can deal with your creditors, property and debt collectors. Many people move abroad and use a friends or family address-once the debts are no longer paid the focus of the creditors and debt collectors will be on this UK address.

Our bankruptcy from abroad service will deal with all of these aspects and includes raising the paperwork and attending the High Court on your behalf.

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