I live in Canada and have a Canadian debt collector chasing me for a UK debt. Can I go bankrupt in England and would this debt be included in the bankruptcy?

We have dealt with many cases where a Canadian debt collector is pursuing a UK debt in Canada. We confirm that if you file for bankruptcy in England from Canada, this debt would be part of the English bankruptcy.

There is nothing to stop an English creditor pursuing payment of an outstanding debt in Canada. A UK debt collector will normally pass the case to a local Canadian debt collection company and they will contact you to demand payment.

In cases such as these, the debt will not become a Canadian debt-it is still an English debt and can be cleared by filing for bankruptcy from Canada in England. If however, this is the only debt that you have there may be other options that are more suitable for your circumstances.

As a company we offer assistance in dealing with Canadian debt collectors. If you are filing for bankruptcy in England from Canada we will deal with all creditors on your behalf and once the bankruptcy has been approved in England, nobody is allowed to pursue you in Canada.

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